After Diet Health Food Options

After you have finished your candida diet you can start to reintroduce foods to your diet slowly, we recommend to try and always eat foods that are unprocessed & low sugar as much as possible but we understand at some points in todays busy lifestyle some foods are great to have ready in your kitchen cupboard to cook up a quick meal or for a indulgent treat or snack. We have tried to pick the best and healthiest options available on the market for your convenience foods that have low sugar, no artificial flavourings, chemicals and unwanted additives but still keeping that great taste we all love in convenience foods and a rare indulgence.

Many of the foods we sell in this section are healthy products that can be used to add to your favourite home cooked foods and the only reason why they where not included in the Candida Diet was due to the high carbohydrate levels but they are still known to be great healthy foods to eat after your Candida Diet.