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Dining out on the Candida Diet? It doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Whether it’s the work Christmas party, a festive meal with friends or the big day itself - dining out over the festive season is likely to be a given, and those on the Candida Diet might be worried about whether they can participate. Full of temptation, strange menu items or lack of visibility into the ingredients… these are just some of the challenges that might make dining out a difficulty over Christmas.

What’s the best way to dine out without ruining your Candida Diet, or faltering on the progress you’ve made so far? Here at Candida Diet Foods, we’re here to help with a few simple, but extremely effective guidelines for your dining out.

Don’t ch-eat out

It might seem like the perfect opportunity to indulge, but if you are paying for it with your health the next day, it might leave you with a bad taste after all. Enjoying foods that are healthier for you and that will not ruin all of your efforts so far is the best way to enjoy dining out on the Candida Diet.

Look for those veggies and greens!

With the rise in vegan-ism over the past year, and more and more people becoming health conscious, you’ll be glad to know that restaurants are starting to adapt and to build menus that are perfect for those looking to enjoy a lot of veggies and greens. From building your own salads to enjoying some of their chef prepared selections, these types of meals are the best choice for you.

Aim for raw, steamed and grilled vegetables and leafy greens – items like broccoli, lettuce, kale, cauliflower and spinach. Make sure that you ask for a nice mix of both grilled and raw vegetables, which will balance out the meal with live enzymes that are usually destroyed when the greens are cooked.

You can also add tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers and even lemon juice to add the flavour as you require.

Now, add meat and fish

Whilst it’s undoubtedly better for you to just stick to the salad, you also must remember that dining out isn’t all about the food – it’s about the enjoyment of it too. So, if you’re eating out and don’t want to just stick to a salad, then fish with a low mercury content is always a good idea and lean meat like skinless organic chicken and turkey. Soon enough, a ‘plain’ salad is now a beautiful meal of grilled meat and vegetables which will fill your stomach and be the envy of everyone on the table!

And what to drink?

Ultimately it’s best to have spring water with your meal, with an added slice of lemon to give it some taste. You could also enjoy herbal teas, so long as they don’t have sugars or a high caffeine content. Just make sure that you avoid alcohol whilst on the candida diet, as alcohol is bad news for your digestive system and is unlikely to help you in your progress on the diet.

We hope that these tips about how to dine out on the Candida Diet will help you this festive season – to keep you happy, healthy both inside and out over Christmas.