Phase Three: Probiotics

N Continue with the phase two anti candida diet & continue taking the detox supplement. After one week of the anti candida diet you can now introduce probiotics. You can get these from foods such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut as well as dietary supplements. Probiotics help to replenish healthy gut flora that live in your intestines. The only change you need to make for this stage is to add in Probiotics and continue just the same as phase two.

Reasons why Probiotics are so important:  

  • Displace Candida colonies

  • Regulate stomach acidity

  • Support your immune system

  • There are some very important questions you should ask when choosing the correct probiotic and below i have given them and why they are important.

    1. How many CFU’s are in each capsule?

    Some products only have 0.5 billion CFU’s per capsule, this may sound a lot but some products contain 100 billion CFU’s so I'm sure you can clearly see the huge difference. We would recommend starting off with a product containing 30 billion CFU’s and just having 1 capsule per day. This will impact your candida overgrowth without causing candida die-off. After a few days of taking this if you are feeling no side effects you can up this to 2 capsules per day. It is great even after the treatment if you can continue taking a probiotic supplement as this will help with digestion, promote regular bowel moments and help prevent candida from returning.

    2. Which strains of probiotic bacteria does it contain?

    It is important you get a probiotic that contains a range of different bacteria. It should contain a selection of Lactobacillus strains, particularly Lactobacillus Acidophilus as well as other strains like Bifidobacterium or Bifidobacillus.

    3. How many strains of probiotics are included?

    We would recommend to get a probiotic which has at least 5 different strains of bacteria.

    4. Is it shelf stable?

    It is very important that you by shelf stable probiotics so that you do not have to worry about refrigerating them.

    5. Added ingredients ?

    It is important you by a probiotic that doesn’t contain ingredients like Maltodextrin or Cellulase as these can feed your candida.

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