Phase Five: Reintroducing Foods

A Summary Of Phase Five

  • Introduce low-sugar foods slowly and one at a time

  • Work towards a sustainable healthy diet

  • Continue with probiotics and anti fungals as long as you feel necessary

  • Day 60 is the very earliest stage in which you can start to reintroduce foods. Only start to re-introduce foods if your body feels ready for it. There is no rush to start phase five if you are still having symptoms from candida.

    When you do reintroduce foods it is important you change from your old diet if this contained large amounts of junk food, added sugar and processed carbohydrates. You should take this diet as a lifestyle change and not fall back into your old ways. Take healthy alternatives from this diet and use them for the future.

    Introduce foods from the list one at a time and just a little amount the first day then increase the amount gradually over a few days. After 3 - 4 days if no reaction occurs then you can class this as a safe food and reintroduce another from the list in the same method.

    Re-introduce foods: Low sugar fruits

    • Apricots

    • Blackberries, Blueberries, Bilberry

    • Cranberries

    • Grapefruit, Green Apple

    • Papaya, Pears

    • Raspberries, Rhubarb

    • Strawberries

    • Only eat the whole fruit and DO NOT blend or juice any of these as this makes the GI of the fruit dramatically increase and will cause your candida to grow back. Only drink fruit juice again when you are 100% that your candida overgrowth has been eliminated.

      Re-introduce foods: Vegetables

      • Beets

      • Carrots

      • Peas, Parsnip, Potatoes, Sweet Potato

      • Winter Squash

      • Yams, Yucca

      • It is best to boil or steam these vegetables to start with as roasting sweet potato, carrots and parsnip can increase the sugar content dramatically.

        Re-introduce foods: Beans, peas and pulses