Verisana Leaky Gut Test Kit

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With the "leaky gut" test, your stool sample is examined for:

- Candida and molds, as well as investigation tongue swab of the mouth on Candida

- Bacterial imbalances of the intestinal flora

- pH of the stool

- Malabsorption (absorption of digested food in the intestine, eg vitamins)

- Leaky gut

- Intestinal immune system efficiency

The following parameters are defined for this purpose:

(1) three fungal species and one fungus, and tongue swab, (2) aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, (3) PH, (4th / 5th) Alpha-1-antitrypsin, (5/6) secretory IgA.

For the determination of all parameters, a simple stool sample is sufficient. A free mouth swab is included to test for Candida in the oral cavity. Both samples can be easily removed from home.

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