Verisana Candida Test Kit

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Verisana examines the moulds and yeasts by means of a stool sample. The sample can be easily collected in the comfort of your own home. A mouth swab is also included, in order to determine whether there are any fungi in the oral cavity.

Diagnosis: Determination of your candida level and with this candida test, as well as diagnosing thrush, mould and Geotrichum candidum

Control: Be sure that your candida albicans amount is in a normal range or diagnose a candida overgrowth as a basis for a candida cleanse therapy

Simplicity: Easy to do at home - once you get your test kit, take the sample and send it back without shipping costs

Complete: Everything included - sample instruction, test tubes and a bag for free return shipment

Analysis: No additional costs - scientific analysis and laboratory report via

Candida is a type of yeast mostly unnoticeably ingested by food intake. As long as our intestine is healthy, we can defecate Candida without any consequences for our body. Candida albicans usually sticks on mucosa, e.g. intestinal mucosa, throat or genital area. 

Test scope

Stool sample to determine both the candida and mould level (Candida albicans, Candida spec., Geotrichum candidum)

Tongue smear to determine fungi in your mouth

What are the benefits of this test?

Find out if your candida level is too high and could therefore contribute to (serious) chronic health issues, such as maldigestion, diarrhea, etc. Based on the test result, you can - in accordance with your health practitioner - derive a therapeutic plan that may include natural medicine or supplements, such as prebiotics, oregano oils and others.

How does the test work?

After your order is taken, the test kit will be delivered to you. You take your samples easy at home and send them right back to the Verisana Laboratory. Afterward conducting the analysis, we send you your results. 

This test kit contains:

Testkit for your stool sample

Laboratory examination

Laboratory report

What do you get?

The test kit, delivery to your address, the laboratory analysis and the evaluation of the results. The test kit contains all the necessary materials: test instructions, sample and patient data sheet, sample containers, labels, protective bag, shipping bag for the return shipment.

What do you need to do?

The samples can be easily and conveniently taken at home using the instructions contained in the test kit and consequently filling in the enclosed sample and patient data sheet. All you need to do is send your samples and patient data sheet back to us in the shipping bag provided.

What happens next?

We will analyse your samples and send you your results approx. 7-14 days after receipt in the laboratory. You receive your individual values in the form of a laboratory report and can see to what extent they deviate from the respective standard range. You can then discuss the results with your doctor or alternative practitioner and then create an individual therapy plan.

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