Verisana Testing Kits

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How it works?

Simply choose the Candida test that best suits you.

What do you get?

The test kit, delivery to your address, the laboratory analysis and the evaluation of the results. The test kit contains all the necessary materials: test instructions, sample and patient data sheet, sample containers, labels, protective bag, shipping bag for the return shipment.

What do you need to do?

The samples can be easily and conveniently taken at home using the instructions contained in the test kit and consequently filling in the enclosed sample and patient data sheet. All you need to do is send your samples and patient data sheet back to us in the shipping bag provided.

What happens next?

We will analyse your samples and send you your results approx. 7 - 14 days after receipt in the laboratory. You receive your individual values in the form of a laboratory report and can see to what extent they deviate from the respective standard range. You can then discuss the results with your doctor or alternative practitioner and then create an individual therapy plan.

Who are Verisana and I can I trust them?

Verisana is an analytical laboratory that offers diagnostic laboratory services to specialists working in medicinal areas. .

What do Verisana do?

Verisana tests can be performed in different life situations. Irrespective of whether you already have any symptoms, complaints or a genetic tendency within the family, whether you would like to conduct your own health check or if you would like to accompany treatment that has already been initiated – our tests can help.

From our findings you can determine whether your levels are within the reference range. 

Use our tests for a yearly, physical inventory and to control your health condition, as an investment in your well-being. Through follow-up examinations you can compare the results to those from the year before.

With our tests you can accompany current treatment from your doctor or practitioner.

We cannot create any personal diagnoses, but we can determine whether your values lie within the reference range. In addition, we go into detail about the general effects of the tested parameters. We always recommend the discussion of the mailed results with your doctor or practitioner. Our results are the first hints and tips towards an improvement of your well-being.

Regulation, not substitution

All of our laboratory analyses provide indications and hints with regards to the real root causes for your health-related symptoms. On this basis, you and your health practitioner can develop a holistic and sustainable therapeutic plan in order to eliminate the true causes of your health problems, instead of merely treating the superficial symptoms.

Improve Your Health

Compared to traditional medical analyses, our diagnostics are also applicable in case of chronic health symptoms, diseases or pain, as well as for preventive measures. Do you suffer from chronic distress? Are you not feeling as energetic as a few years ago? Do you have a stressful schedule that may have led to health conditions? Our lab analyses are a first step to take back your health into your own hands.

Reliability & Experience

Verisana Laboratories has successfully conducted thousands of lab analyses and has established a network of health practitioners (including doctors, naturopaths and nutritional experts) across the United States and Europe. Verisana regularly participates in and successfully passes laboratory quality and control checks by relevant health authorities.

Discover our range of Verisana Testing Kits for more information